Cleanliness is the best line of defense against the spread of disease. The reality of our industry is that we deal with infectious disease prevention on a daily basis. And each year, we take special care to minimize the risks associated with cold and flu season. Our approach to cleaning is designed to produce the best outcome for all, with a special emphasis on the safety and health of our team members and the clients we serve. In addition to our strict health and safety guidelines, we are in compliance with additional guidelines set by the State of Washington during this COVID-19 pandemic. This include, but are not limited to:

  • Educating our staff on how new COVID-19 policies, and how to prevent transmission
  • Increasing the square footage of our office to ensure proper 6 foot physical distancing
  • Reducing the gathering of staff, performing informational activities in shifts and minimizing interactions
  • Screening for temperature and symptoms of each employee at the start of each shift
  • Wearing face coverings and gloves while ensuring frequent hand washing and sanitizing
  • Disinfecting of all high touch areas, such as door knobs, light switches, handles, tools and cleaning equipment
  • Working with our clients to ensure they understand what is expected while our team is cleaning in the home, and as always, keeping lines of communication open.

As we navigate the reopening of our economy, we must expand our immediate households to now include our coworkers' and our clients' households as well. We take these precautions seriously in order to keep our community safe and healthy.

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